Silver State Classic Challenge: Sept. 2008

Words and photos by Warren Madsen
September 2008

Here's a few shots from our second attempt at the Challenge that is The Silver State. We were prepared and the Viper was dialed in after learning a lot from our last trip to Ely.

We averaged a little over 150 mph for over 90 miles on a public two lane road in the middle of Nevada and...survived. I hope you enjoy these pictures but I doubt they'll do it justice!

Tech Inspection. A beautiful 928 S Porsche, also from the bay area and in our class.

When you look up "death trap" in the dictionary...

Built by Jesse James and the Monster Garage, a 2-door Lincoln Continental.
It also ran in the 150 mph class and finished well. Love those NASCAR slicks.

A bunch of cool guys out of Las Vegas (as are many of the cars here) came with this fully prepped Acura NSX. The car awaits it's mile run.

Starting line, first group...the calm before the storm. The adrenaline starts to kick in at about this point and before you know it you are strapped in and counting down.

Finsh line. We made it!! I couldn't manage any pictures during the race. Hard enough to read notes at 175 mph. Just over the horizon is Area 51...

Our trip back to Ely (the long way) took us through such towns as Caliente, Pioche and Pony Springs. Here is the stately train station of Caliente, Nevada. Unsure if it's operational.

Heading north on HWY 93. The mountains in the distance are part of Great Basin National Park, and the highest summit you see is Wheeler Peak which rises to 13,065 feet.

A road trip and a race in the same day! My idea of a great time.

Special thanks to Richard Schriver and crew for making this experience possible!

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